I am interested in the impact of occupational change and economic modernization on social hierarchies, how changes in the economic and societal position affect political behavior, and how a changing composition of the labor force shapes welfare state policy in post-industrial democracies.

Working Papers

Robotization and Regional Voting Patterns in Germany (with Niko Schoell, R+R) [Barcelona GSE Working Paper 1269]

Aspiration versus Apprehension: Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences (with Silja Häusermann and Delia Zollinger, R+R)

In Progress

The Political Economy of Rental Housing in Germany (with Tarik Abou-Chadi and Denis Cohen)

Cultural Backlash? (with Tarik Abou-Chadi, Magda Breyer and Reto Mitteregger)

Can Moving to Opportunity Foster Political Integration? (with Valentina Consiglio)


Place-based campaigning: The political impact of real grassroots mobilization (with Daniel Bischof). The Journal of Politics (2023). First View.

Disappointed Expectations: Downward Mobility and Electoral Change (with Briitta van Staalduinen). American Political Science Review (2022). FirstView.

Automation, Digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace: Implications for Political Behavior (with Aina Gallego). Annual Review of Political Science (2022). FirstView.

Neither Left-Behind nor Superstar: Ordinary Winners of Digitalization at the Ballot Box (with Aina Gallego and Niko Schoell). Journal of Politics, Ahead of print (2021). Pre-Print [OSF]

Economic Risk within Households and Voting for the Radical Right. (with Tarik Abou-Chadi). World Politics: 73(3), 482-511 (2021). Pre-Print

Insider-Outsider Representation and Social Democratic Labor Market Policy (with Reto Bürgisser).  Socio-Economic Review, 19(3): 1065-1094 (2021). Pre-Print

The Declining Middle. Occupational Change, Social Status and the Populist Right. Comparative Political Studies, 53:10-11, 1798–1835 (2020). Pre-Print
Covered in the New York Times, Deutsche Welle

Shrinking and Shouting: The Political Revolt of the Declining Middle in Times of Employment Polarization (with Bruno Palier).
Research & Politics,
6:1 (2019). Covered in the LSE-Blog on European Policy and Politics

Distributional Consequences of Technological Change: Worker-Level Evidence (with Aina Gallego).
Research & Politics, 6:1 (2019).

The Politics of Trade-offs: Studying the Dynamics of Welfare State Reform with Conjoint Experiments (with Silja Häusermann and Denise Traber).
Comparative Political Studies, 52:7, 1059-1095 (2019). Pre-Print

Economic Grievances and Political Protest (with Matthias Enggist, Silja Häusermann, and Bruno Wüest).
European Journal of Political Research, 58:3, 866-892 (2019). Pre-Print

Participation in hard times: how constrained government depresses turnout among the highly educated (with Silja Häusermann and Bruno Wüest).
West European Politics, 41:2, 448-471 (2018).

Sharing the Risk? Households, Labor Market Vulnerability, and Social Policy Preferences in Western Europe (with Silja Häusermann and Hanna Schwander).
Journal of Politics, 78:4, 1045-1060 (2016).

High-skilled outsiders? Labor market vulnerability, education and welfare state preferences (with Silja Häusermann and Hanna Schwander).
Socio-Economic Review, 2015, Vol. 13, No. 2, 235–258 (2015).

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