My research, broadly speaking, deals with the political consequences of structural transformations of labor markets. I am particularly interested in (a) the impact of occupational change and economic modernization on social hierarchies, (b) how changes in the economic and societal position affect political behavior, and (c) how a changing composition of the labor force shapes welfare state policy in post-industrial democracies.

The Declining Middle: Political Reactions to Occupational Change (under review) [PDF] Winner of the 2017 Best Paper Award, Political Economy and Welfare Network, Council of European Studies.

Not so Disruptive after All? How Workplace Digitalization Affects Political Preferences (with Aina Gallego and Niko Schoell, under review). GSE Working Paper

Social Democratic Labor Market Policy in Post-Industrial Societies (with Reto Bürgisser, under review)

Shrinking and Shouting: The Political Revolt of the Declining Middle in Times of Employment Polarization (with Bruno Palier, under review)

Economic Risks within Households and Voting for the Radical Right (with Tarik Abou-Chadi, presented at EPSA and APSA 2018)

Economic Hardship and Turnout: A reference-point approach.

Voting Against the Party? Elite Influence on Public Opinion in Direct Democracy (with Céline Colombo, Silja Häusermann and Denise Traber, presented at EPSA 2018)