My research deals with the political consequences of structural transformations of labor markets. I am particularly interested in (a) the impact of occupational change and economic modernization on social hierarchies, (b) how changes in the economic and societal position affect political behavior, and (c) how a changing composition of the labor force shapes welfare state policy in post-industrial democracies.

The Declining Middle: Political Reactions to Occupational Change (under review, R+R[Current Version] Winner of the 2017 Best Paper Award, Political Economy and Welfare Network, Council of European Studies.

Not so Disruptive after All? How Workplace Digitalization Affects Political Preferences (with Aina Gallego and Niko Schoell, under review, R+R). GSE Working Paper

Geography of Discontent: Policy Responses to Regional Deprivation

Economic Risks within Households and Voting for the Radical Right (with Tarik Abou-Chadi, under review). Working Paper.

How Parties Organize from the Grounds: The Genesis of M5S (with Daniel Bischof, presented at EPSA 2019). Draft available upon request.

The Politics of Social Mobility (with Briitta van Staalduinen, presented at ECPR 2019). Draft available upon request.

Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences (with Silja Häusermann and Delia Zollinger). Draft available upon request.

Risk Dynamics: Economic Trajectories and Political Reactions (with Denis Cohen, presented at EPSA 2019)