My research lies at the intersection of political economy, comparative politics and political sociology. I am particularly interested in (a) the impact of occupational change and economic modernization on social hierarchies, (b) how changes in the economic and societal position affect political behavior, and (c) how a changing composition of the labor force shapes welfare state policy in post-industrial democracies.

Working Papers

Does local campaigning matter? (with Daniel Bischof) [under review]

Disappointed Expectations: Downward Mobility and Electoral Change (with Briitta van Staalduinen) [invited to revise and resubmit]

Automation and social policy: Which policy responses do at-risk workers support? (with Silja Häusermann)

In Progress

Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences (with Silja Häusermann and Delia Zollinger)

Robotization and Regional Voting Patterns in Germany (with Niko Schoell)

Politics in the Age of Automation (with Aina Gallego)

The Political Economy of Rental Housing in Germany (with Tarik Abou-Chadi and Denis Cohen)