My research deals with the political consequences of structural transformations of labor markets. I am particularly interested in (a) the impact of occupational change and economic modernization on social hierarchies, (b) how changes in the economic and societal position affect political behavior, and (c) how a changing composition of the labor force shapes welfare state policy in post-industrial democracies.

Working Papers

Neither Left-Behind nor Superstar: Ordinary Winners of Digitalization at the Ballot Box (with Aina Gallego and Niko Schoell)

Economic Risks within Households and Voting for the Radical Right. (with Tarik Abou-Chadi)

Does partisan grassroots mobilization matter in the digital age? (with Daniel Bischof)

In Progress

Disappointed Expectations: Downward Mobility and Electoral Change (with Briitta van Staalduinen)

Economic Opportunities and Electoral Preferences (with Silja Häusermann and Delia Zollinger)

Automated away: Robotization and Voting in Germany (with Niko Schoell)